AnteAGE MD Brightening Solution

AnteAGE MD Brightening Microneedling Solution combines Tranexamic Acid and other melanin synthesis blocking actives with the powerful rejuvenating growth factors and cytokines in the classic Microneedling Solution. This unique brightening treatment helps correct uneven skin tone and encourages a naturally lighter complexion.

AnteAGE MD Brightening Solution is formulated to attack eight different pigmentation pathways. It is the only product on the market that effectively brightens and targets discoloration at the cellular level without irritation, drying, or inflammation. High molecular weight, hyaluronic acid provides a powerful humectant that promotes rapid re-hydration and volume enhancement within the upper layers of the skin.

Add AnteAGE MD Brightening Solution to any skin treatment: $90

Rejuvience Med Spa is a certified AnteAGE MD® Provider.