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Rejuvience Med Spa specializes in regenerative aesthetics, specifically for improving the appearance and health of aging skin.

Our formula is simple:

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What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

Regenerative aesthetics is a specialization in the broad field of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a new approach to healing that stimulates your body to heal itself, restoring normal function lost due to aging, injury, disease, or defects.

Regenerative aesthetics starts with nonsurgical, non-invasive treatments that stimulate the body to naturally regenerate skin tissue. These are low discomfort cutting-edge technologies with little to no downtime. Advanced regenerative topicals are applied to the controlled injuries to improve normal cell functioning which boosts the body’s natural healing response.  

Most of a treatment’s results are visible at week 4 to 6 post-treatment. Results are your own body’s natural healing response. You look like you, just with regenerated skin health and the younger, fresher look that goes with it.

About Growth Factors, Cytokines, & Exosomes

Growth factors and healing cytokines occur in our body naturally but as we age, our production of growth factors starts to decrease. 

Exosomes are carry a cargo of bioactive proteins, growth factors, and nucleic acids that help accelerating skin healing and improve results. 

Our skin treatment protocols include applying a medical growth factor solution or exosomes to the treated area(s). 

These concentrated clinical topicals penetrate deeply to accelerate healing and enhance results. This is especially important for aging skin. 

regenerative aethetics growth factors and exosomes at rejuvience med spa Scottsdale

Our skin resurfacing treatments are delivered using the most advanced minimally equipment available combined with in-office applications of the most advanced topicals to deliver remarkable, natural-looking results with zero to low downtime.

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