The AnteAGE MD Stem Cell Aftercare Kit contains four products to reduce redness and enhance the recovery process immediately following laser, RF, and microneedling treatments.

AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solution contains anti- inflammatory, pro-healing growth factors and cytokines derived from laboratory culture of human bone marrow stem cells. These are the specialized cells that science has determined function as healing “command and control” for all injured tissues. Synthesized human growth factor TGF-B3 is added to further reduce inflammation and promote healing.

AnteAGE Stem Cell Aftercare Kit

AnteAGE Cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser for all skin types and conditions. It is enriched with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, detoxifying actives, and anti-inflammatory botanicals to thoroughly cleanse impurities, excess oil, and surface debris without over drying.

AnteAGE MD Serum quickly absorbs and helps restore skin’s ability to heal itself. It has a high concentration of Stem Cytokines derived from human bone marrow stem cells and is fortified with two recombinant Growth Factors, IGF-1 and TGF-β3. Additional peptides and antioxidants create exceptional results at the cellular level.

The AnteAGE MD Accelerator is rich in moisturizers and revitalizing actives. Bakuchiol, Beta Defensin 3, and Vitamin C help optimize skin tone and texture, and additional actives nourish and protect the skin.

AnteAGE Stem Cell Aftercare Kit: $100